DSS7016D-S2 Видеосервер

RecommendedCPUIntel Core i5, 64 bits 4 Core ProcessorMemory8 GBGraphics CardNVIDIA® GeForce®GT 730Hard Drive Capacity200 GB free for DSS Control ClientEthernet Port1000 MbpsMinimumCPUIntel Core i3, 64 bits 4 Core ProcessorMemory4 GBGraphics CardIntel® HD Graphics 4400Hard Drive Capacity100 GB free for DSS Control ClientEthernet Port1000 MbpsHardware for Mobile ClientiPhoneiPhone 5S and aboveAndroidResolution: 1280 × 720 and aboveRAM: 3 GB and aboveSystemMain ProcessorIntel i5-6600, 64 bits 4 Core ProcessorOperating SystemEmbedded LinuxMemory8 GBMotherboardEmbedded board (7 × 24 operation)Hard Disk Hot swapSupport hot swap and online replacementHard Disk CompatibilitySAS/SATA diskInterfaceNumber of Network Ports4 Ethernet ports (100/1000 Mbps)RS-485ReservedRS-232ReservedUSB2 × USB 2.0 on front panel; 2 × USB 3.0 on rear panelHDMI3 HDMI portsVGA1 VGA portStorageHDD InstallationSupport 15 HDDs (3.5") for video or picture storage(8 TB per HDD)StorageUp to 200 TB per serverHDD ModeSingle; raid 0/1/5/6/10Bandwidth of VideoStorage per Server600 MbpsOtherPowerMaximum power 315W; stable power 210WWorking EnvironmentTemperature0°C to 40°C (32°F to 104°F)Working Environment Humidity10%–80% (RH) (non-condensation)Storage Environment Temperature-20°C to +70°C (-4°F to +158°F)Storage Environment Humidity5%–90% (RH) (non-condensation)Working Altitude0 m–5000 m (0 ft–16,404.2 ft)Weight(Without Package)19.1 kg (42.1 lb)Dimension444.8 mm × 133.2 mm × 522.2 mm(17.5" × 5.24" × 20.6")Installation MethodStandard 19-inch rack mountSecondary DevelopmentPlatform SDK providedOrganization, User and RoleOrganization10 hierarchies, 999 organizations per hierarchyRole (User Permission)100User50 online users and 200 total usersUser for VDP Mobile APP500 online users and 5,000 total usersPerformance SpecificationPerformance SpecificationTotal DeviceTotal Device2,000 devicesVideo Device and ChannelTotal Video Device and Channel500 devices; 1,000 channelsAuto-Register500 devices; 1,000 channelsONVIF200 devices; 400 channelsANPR Device64 channels (6 pairs for entrance and exit)Face Recognition Channel100 channelsObject Detection Channel20 channelsHeatmap Channel64 channelsPeople Counting Channel100 channelsACS DeviceAccess Control200 IPs; 512 DoorsVDP2,000 IPs (Unit VTO no more than 64)Alarm DeviceAlarm Controller10 IPs; 100 channelsMedia Transmission ServerVideo Input per Server600 MbpsVideo Output per Server600 MbpsPlayback and DownloadPlayback Bandwidth per Server100 MbpsDownload Task5Maximum Record Plan100AlarmAlarm Rules200MapHierarchy8 hierarchiesSubmap32 per hierarchyMap Size of Raster Map14.7 MBSpots per Map (e.g. Camera Alarm Input)Up to 300 (GIS and Raster)Face RecognitionFace Library50Total Persons for Face Library5,000Face Images Imported Each Time1,000ANPRVehicle Blacklist100Data InformationAlarm Records5,000,000¹Face Snapshot Records5,000,000¹Number Plate Recognition Records5,000,000¹Violation Records5,000,000¹Average Speed Records5,000,000¹People Counting Records5,000,000¹Heatmap Records5,000,000¹Video Intercom Records5,000,000¹Log5,000,000¹Personnel ManagementPerson5,000Card5,000Face5,000Fingerprint5,000Total Event240 per second²Event without PictureAlarm without Picture240 per second²Alarm Controller Event40 per second²Access Control Event16 per second²Total Event240 per second²Event without PictureAlarm without Picture240 per second²Alarm Controller Event40 per second²Access Control Event16 per second²Event with Picture (for ANPR)ANPR12 per second (12 per 3 s for entrance and exit )²Event with Picture (for others)Alarm with Picture40 per second²Face Capture120 per second²Object Detection40 per second²Distributed SystemServer NumberNumber of Slave ServerUp to 5Device and ChannelTotal Device NumberTotal Device Number5,000 devicesVideo Device and ChannelTotal Number of Video Devices and Channels2,500 devices; 5,000 channelsAuto-register2,500 devices; 5,000 channelsONVIF400 devices;800 channelsANPR Device320 channelsFace Recognition Channel500 channels